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After cold, the people of Hanoi can admire the vermicelli flower tree "unique treasure” that exudes a blooming fragrance

Thứ Năm, 8/4/2021| 10:40

If after Tet holiday, the roads such as Bac Son, Hoang Dieu (Ba Dinh, Hanoi) are covered with white flowers, or people on the banks of the river can enjoy the red phoenix flowers every summer. Chilly, Dinh Thon people (My Dinh ward, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi) were able to see the treasures of the village radiating blooming incense.

After cold, the people of Hanoi can admire the vermicelli flower tree unique treasure” that exudes a blooming fragrance.

The vermicelli flower tree, also known as white flower or curtain, has been around for a long time with a pleasant aroma and when blooming is shaped like a vermicelli thread, each flower cluster looks like a vermicelli and the whole flower plant is. It is like a basket of vermicelli, so people call it the name of the vermicelli flower tree. It is very familiar to the people but in Hanoi there is only one unique tree. Vermicelli flowers with the age of hundreds of years, is becoming a typical symbol of the village. The tree is about 30 meters high, the wide and lush canopy highlights a corner of the village. Do not know when the tree vermicelli trees ever since. Many people said that since childhood they saw trees standing in the middle of the village. It is estimated that the tree is 300 years old.

If you have the opportunity you should visit this "treasure".